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Le conservatoire de la confiserie a Amboise

Radio Vinci Autoroute, 12.12.2022

It’s the perfect Christmas outing! A place where you will discover the making of numerous candies and the different confectionery professions.

In Indre-et-Loire, at the Conservatory of Confectionery, young and old learn all the secrets of making sweets and in particular lollipops. Ruben, 5 years old, Agathe and Sonia, 10 years old, happily participate in a workshop. And the guided tour, with demonstration of the know-how of the confectioners, visibly bore fruit… Marine Tabert, confectioner, explains that “the goal of the conservatory is to discover what is hidden behind a candy or a lollipop… The profession of confectioner is no longer taught, the know-how is lost and seeing the children leave here amazed, it feels good!»

The profession of confectioner is tending to disappear, which is why Nicolas Viollet created this conservatory. At the age of 12, he made his first sweets. At 16, he bought a calisson machine then, gradually, acquired machines, each more extraordinary than the last. Some sometimes dating from the last century and in working order, such as “Rose”, a machine which allows you to simultaneously cut and wrap caramel.
And Nicolas explains that with his equipment he can cover all the confectionery disciplines and make almost all the sweets in the world…

Ivan Mouton