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Discover the soft nougat from Confectionery Conservatory. in Amboise With Nicolas Viollet’s experience in making nougats and calissons, this Provençal sweetness is the result of authentic craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Try it now and succumb to its unique and unforgettable taste!

The stages of preparing Nougat at the Confectionery Conservatory.

Preparation of the dough

The process begins with the creation of the “pied de cuisine”, involving the mixing and heating in a bain-marie of spring honey and glucose syrup in copper cauldrons. Next, whipped egg whites are added to make the “pied de cuite” rise, a process known as foaming.


Addition of dried fruits

Once the “pied de cuite” is well risen, garnishing fruits, such as almonds, pistachios, or other dried fruits, are added to the dough. These ingredients are a significant part of nougat, adding texture and flavor

Cooling and shaping

When the cooking is complete, the nougat is poured into molds or spread on a flat surface to rest for 48 hours, undergoing crystallization to become soft and non-sticky. During this phase, the nougat is cut into different shapes, usually squares or bars.

Cutting and packaging

Once cooled and crystallized, the nougat is cut into individual pieces to be packaged and offered to young and old.

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