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A feast for the eyes

The magic happens when, under the captivated gaze of the audience, who doesn’t miss a single detail, the confectioners demonstrate their expertise with numerous explanations, using products that often come from the surroundings, such as honey. Enticed by the tempting aroma, both young and old have shining eyes. Various crafts are represented: the sugar boiler who makes berlingots and barley sugar lollipops; the nougat maker; the calisson maker; the praline maker; the dragee maker; the caramel maker; the confectioner who makes candied fruits.

Nicolas Viollet explains: “To make a berlingot, we have 12 m of machinery, made up of four machines, what we call a production unit. I have six. The icing on the cake is that the production process is followed by a tasting of the warm treats. A pure moment of happiness that can be extended for a few days after a few purchases on the side of the shop. With this Confectionery Conservatory, Amboise has a new gem to discover!

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Amboise Confectionery collaborates with Terre Exotique to offer you the opportunity to purchase confections online.