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The Conservatory

Welcome to the Confectionery Conservatory

The Confectionery Conservatory presents its fascinating museum, workshop, and a shop brimming with sweet delights. The museum consists ofa selection from Nicolas Viollet’s unique collection, going beyond machines as it also includes a large number of vintage posters, boxes, and unusual objects. The workshop is a lively space where the public can watch live the making of various candies and sweet treats. As for the shop, it is filled with gustatory treasures such as giant lollipops, multicolored berlingots, candies, calissons, sugared almonds, caramels, nougats, chocolates, and many other sweet delights.

Step into the world of the Conservatory.

At the heart of the Conservatory, you will have the unique opportunity to explore a collection of unusual objects carefully preserved by Nicolas Viollet. The exhibition encompasses a diverse range of elements, including vintage posters, authentic manufacturing utensils, and other unique objects that bear witness to the rich and artisanal history of this world. Thanks to the passion and commitment of Nicolas Viollet, the Conservatory becomes the guardian of these treasures, offering you a captivating immersion into the backstage of the confectionery industry, highlighting the creativity, technical evolution, and uniqueness of the objects that have shaped this sweet tradition over time.

The timeless collection.

of Nicolas Viollet

Here is the opportunity to discover a unique collection of iconic machines, true witnesses of the past, evoking the evolution of manufacturing techniques that have shaped confectionery as we know it today. From vintage candy turbines to candy presses, each machine tells a story of creativity, ingenuity, and, above all, a story of encounters, people, and transmission. These machines, often artisanal creations with a soul, bear witness to a true craftsmanship. For example, some have hand-engraved bronze cylinders. 

Under the leadership of Nicolas Viollet, this collection comes to life through detailed explanations and demonstrations of the use of these machines which are still functional today. Combined with the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans, these machines enable precision and consistency in production while preserving the unique character of each creation, ensuring high-quality artisanal production. A remarkable tribute to the sweet engineering that has left its mark on generations, this exhibition provides a privileged look at the technical heritage that has shaped the delightful world of confectionery.

Discovering the production

Explore artisanal production techniques by observing the ancient methods of confectionery manufacturing, meticulously implemented through the careful preservation of vintage machines by Nicolas Viollet.

It is a precious opportunity for candy enthusiasts and the curious to discover the origins of their favorite sweets and to appreciate the artisanal dedication that has characterized this industry throughout the centuries.

The Shop of Confiserie d'Amboise

The shop of Confiserie d’Amboise is a place where you can discover a wide selection of exquisite candies, all made on-site. After exploring the museum and witnessing fascinating candy-making demonstrations, you can find all the sweet treats in the shop. This industrial-inspired shop offers a variety of artisanal candies, including soft nougats, delicate calissons, tangy berlingots, and many other sweet delights. It’s the perfect place to take with you a sweet souvenir of this enriching and delicious experience.

Prepare for your visit

The conservatory is conveniently located in the heart of the city of Amboise, having found its location next to a small primary school. Just a 2-minute walk from the train station, the Conservatory is also located near the Château Royal d’Amboise, offering history and culture lovers a gourmet stopover.