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Sugared candies

Discover the delicious sugared candies from the Confectionery Conservatory. Thanks to Nicolas Viollet’s expertise in the art of creating sweets, these treats embody the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Each candy is meticulously crafted, respecting centuries-old artisanal methods, highlighting the quality of ingredients and the exceptional craftsmanship of the Confectionery Conservatory team.

The preparation steps for sugared candies at the Confectionery Conservatory

Preparation and cooking of the mixture

Basic ingredients include sugar, glucose and water. These ingredients are carefully measured and prepared before being used in the cooking process Crystallized lemon is also added to acidify and pronounce the taste of the confectionery. The ingredients are meticulously combined in a copper vessel, then heated to the optimal temperature. This cooking process is fast to prevent the sugar from having time to turn yellow.

Cooling of sugar

After cooking, the sugar is placed on a cold table from the 20th century to temper it and achieve a consistency that allows it to be passed through the rolling machine later on.

Shaping and creating the candy

As a final step, the confectioner can begin shaping the candies and giving them their final shape either by hand with a rolling machine or with a press.


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