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History and Know-how

The Confectionery Conservatory, an emblematic place dedicated to preserving the traditions of confectionery artisans, has its roots in the fascinating history of Nicolas Viollet. From a young age, Nicolas immersed himself in the world of confectionery, developing remarkable expertise over the years as a confectionery artisan. Today, he is wholeheartedly committed to passing on his expertise, thus bearing witness to his unique journey built on exciting encounters and his key role in preserving this sweet heritage. 

Back to the roots of Confiserie d'Amboise

Following in the footsteps of Nicolas Viollet

Born in 1985 into a family of itinerant confectioners, Nicolas Viollet developed a deep passion for confectionery. At the age of 12, he was already making pralines and at 14, he bought his first chocolate molds. In 2002, he obtained his first calisson machine from Jean Micoulin, 5th generation of nougat calisson maker in his family and grandson of the creator of the Mistral Gagnant candy. This encounter left a significant mark on both his professional and personal life.

In the same year, he began his apprenticeship at the CFA du Mans and obtained his CAP in chocolate making and confectionery in 2004.

Nicolas continued his journey by joining Jacques Glatigny’s Chocolate Shop, where he had the opportunity to meet renowned chefs. In the process, he obtained his technical diploma in the craft of chocolate and confectionery in 2006.

Charpentier family carousel

Charles VII Confectionery

Confiserie Charles VII, founded in Bourges in the 1950s by Marcel Picard, a settled fairground worker, is one of the last 6 manufacturers of lollipops.

It specializes in the manufacture of sweets for fairgrounds. Among its flagship products are Charles VII lollipops, handcrafted in the town of Bourges.

After a flourishing activity of 51 years, the Confiserie was going to end its history.

But on March 1, 2006, aged only 20, Nicolas decided to take over the Confiserie Charles VII after hearing about its closure, and this is how he began his activity.

In 2009, Jean Micoulin transferred his manufacturing business to Nicolas Viollet, thereby providing Confiserie Charles VII with all the machines dedicated to the production of nougats and calissons. This legacy represents a true treasure acquired by the grandfather of Jean Micoulin.

Nicolas subsequently passed on Confiserie Charles VII, which continues to operate today in Epinal under the name DVB Confiserie Charles VII.

Maison de La Forestine

TheMaison de la Forestine was created by Georges Forest, a talented confectioner established in Bourges during the Second Empire. In 1879, he invented the first filled candies in France, both crunchy and soft, which he named ‘Forestine’.

This revolutionary invention enjoyed immense success in the world of confectionery. In 1884, Georges Forest had a magnificent building constructed called the ‘Maison de la Forestine’, which still houses the store today.

In 2013, Nicolas Viollet voluntarily contributes to the preservation of this iconic La Forestine candy and is present during the reportage filmed by TF1 that same year.

Charpentier family, confectioners from father to son

The creation of the Confiserie d'Amboise

Driven by the desire to share all these treasures gathered over the course of his adventures, Nicolas Viollet decides to leave his activity in Bourges in order to fully dedicate himself to his passion. Over the course of these 20 years exploring the universe of confectionery and meeting important personalities, he has put together a vast collection of devices, boxes, utensils, and various objects related to this world, enabling him to open the Conservatory of Confectionery in 2019 in Amboise. The Conservatory, equipped with a space dedicated to the shop and another devoted to the making of confections, aims to preserve the material and intangible heritage of confectionery, thus constituting a unique initiative in France.

Preservation of Artisanal Know-How

By collaborating with young talents and recruiting passionate artisans, Nicolas Viollet has assembled a devoted team that shares his vision to preserve and celebrate the history of Confectionery. Together, they commit to the ambitious project of the Confiserie d’Amboise. This emblematic place, the result of a collaboration between generations, embodies the living transmission of ancestral know-how.

Young confectioners, guided by the expertise of Nicolas Viollet, acquire the precision of gestures and absorb the secrets of traditional confectionery, thus ensuring the continuity of this craft. This synergy between proven experience and the creative energy of the new generation gives life to a Confectionery Conservatory that exudes authenticity, while breathing new vitality into this precious sweet heritage.

In order to highlight the quality, authenticity, and expertise of artisans in the food industry, Nicolas joined in 2022  the  Tradition Gourmande association, with the association’s honorary president, Serge Granger, who is a distinguished figure and a Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier Confiseur. 

This association is exclusively composed of outstanding artisans in bakery, pastry, chocolate making, and ice cream production. Nicolas Viollet is indeed the only confectioner to be a part of the association. 

In 2023, Nicolas Viollet now joins theFrench Academy of Chocolate and Confestionery It represents a moral authority, safeguarding tradition, evolution, and professional ethics in the field of chocolate and confectionery. It also ensures the sustainability of the chocolate and confectionery professions.