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since 1949

The story of a confectioner artisan

Nicolas Viollet’s spirit is fueled by a passion for confectionery deeply rooted in a family heritage that spans many years.

Having fallen into the cauldron at a young age and honing his skills through the most demanding techniques to become a confectionery artisan himself, he continues the tradition and becomes the third generation of “itinerant” confectioners.

The preservation of both the tangible and intangible heritage of confectionery remains the cornerstone of Nicolas’s artisanal endeavors. He has thus committed to assembling a collection of objects related to this world, bestowing a unique identity upon the Confectionery Conservatory.

The art of confectionery is often a well-guarded secret known to only a few. However, Nicolas takes pride in passing on his craftsmanship and expertise to confectionery enthusiasts, ensuring the continuation of this beautiful tradition.


The Confectionery Confectionery

Like a living museum, Nicolas Viollet shares his collection of 2000 pieces that he has been gathering for many years.

As passionate about the profession of confectioner as that of collector, Nicolas Viollet remembers “At 12 years old, I made my own pralines and at 16 years old, I bought a first calisson machine”.

A 1910 lollipop rolling machine, a sugar cooker, a dragee turbine, a tablet compressing machine… machines of all sizes, from various eras and origins, are gathered together like a gourmet orchestra in this unique conservatory.

Like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, here is a place of wonder with an industrial style that is worth the detour.

Step into the delicious world

of Confiserie d'Amboise

Sugar boiler, nougat maker, calisson maker, praline maker, caramel maker, dragee specialist, and confectioner… as many professions practiced as there are confectionery families honored with skill and passion by Nicolas Viollet and his team to bring you these delicious treats.

Join us for an extraordinary tour.

Both young and old food enthusiasts are invited to Confiserie d’Amboise, a unique place that combines both a conservatory and a production site open to the public. 

A tour is offered to discover the various stages of confectionery production, from assembly to shaping, showcasing the result of age-old craftsmanship. Depending on the day’s production, visitors can witness this demonstration with period equipment, from the “berlingotière” to the numerous molds that once belonged to confectioners from another era. 

Nicolas Viollet, a sugar magician, shares his expertise in real-time. 

The icing on the cake? Freshly made treats to savor as a sneak peek… before you can find the entire collection of sweets in the shop. 

Immerse yourself in the world of confectionery and awaken your senses!


Stay tuned!

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