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The Confectionery Conservatory: a treat!

Touraine Loire Valley, 16.10.2021

Sugar in all its forms

If you liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you will love the Conservatory of Confectionery in Amboise. Nougats, calissons, pralines, berlingots, caramels, sugared almonds, pastilles… sugar magician, Nicolas Viollet has created a kingdom of gluttony on the banks of the Loire.

ADT Touraine – JC Coutand

At the origins of the Conservatory of Confectionery

At 16, the age when many dreamed of buying a scooter, Nicolas instead set his sights on… a calisson machine! And yes, this passion for confectionery comes from afar. It’s even a family heritage, since his father and grandfather already practiced the profession.

Many years later, he managed to bring together around 2,000 pieces in this unusual museum in Amboise, including 2-ton machines. Some are of an honorable age, such as the rolling machine from 1910 used to make lollipops. Sugar cooker, sugared almonds turbine, and other pellet pressers are not left out.

ADT Touraine – JC Coutand

A feast for the eyes

Above all, the magic happens when, under the captivated eyes of the public who doesn’t miss a beat, the confectioners demonstrate their know-how with many explanations, using products that often come from the surrounding area, like the Honey. Enticed by the tempting aroma, both young and old have shining eyes.

ADT Touraine – JC Coutand

The icing on the cake, the manufacturing then gives way to the tasting the still warm treats. A pure moment of happiness that can be extended for a few days after a few purchases on the side of the shop. In short, with this Conservatory of Confectionery, Amboise has a new nugget to discover alongside its prestigious castles,  Ambacia Caves, a starred restaurant (Château de Pray),  La Loire à Vélo, and its  nearby  aquarium. Yes, the list is starting to get very long !

Note also that another confectionery has also existed for a very long time in Loches : Confiserie Hallard. It is therefore impossible not to bring back some sweet memories from your vacation in Touraine.