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In Touraine, the castles are adorned with Christmas lights.

Bien Public, 10.12.2023

The seventh edition of “Christmas in the land of castles” reveals the magic of the heritage of the Loire Valley in festive mode until January 7.

All it takes is a sparkling spark in the early hours of December to create a halo of magic in the heart of the permanent collections of the great historic residences of Tours.

Tales in winter in Loches

Imagine a dark forest, woodland animals, a witch on the prowl, carefree princesses and a prince charming who doesn’t know where to turn. Add the famous pumpkin transformed into a carriage and a flight of ball gowns that swirl in an intoxicating waltz…

The Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella decor is set in an unusual way.

Winter Palace in Chenonceau

It is an invitation to the romantic and elegant palate. the large gallery on the Cher announces the color: a powdery white around a farandole of bouquets and orchids falling in a cascade. The decorated trees are dazzling and the decorations designed by Jean-François Bouchet, floral scenographer Meilleur Ouvrier de France, majestic.

Santa Claus settles in Chinon

We found Santa Claus in Chinon! Everything is there: wish lists, gift packages and also his private apartments! Not to be missed, the unique exhibition installed in the clock tower entitled “Santa Claus Classics” by American photographer Ed Wheeler where he takes the stage at the heart of famous paintings. Joyful and original.

In the light of Langeais

In this medieval residence, the emphasis was placed on light. The misses on stage follow one another in a warm and colorful atmosphere. From the houses of elves, from an exuberant banquet to the caress of angels’ wings, the light tells its festive and poetic story.

Gourmet visit to Azay-le-Rideau

In this refined and charming setting, the festive table is sumptuous with its compositions of dishes and unusual wedding cakes. Chocolate, fruits and imaginary dishes arouse gluttony.

Spirit of nature in Villandry

The gardens sleep but in the elegant house the walls rustle with a singular agitation, as if nature had taken over the place. A magical forest and its familiar hosts have colonized space. The refined table where a vine of fresh flowers winds is already waiting for the guests. This charming show continues into the children’s bedroom where teddy bears are on parade. Delightful and rejuvenating.

The art of confectionery in Amboise

We are a stone’s throw from Amboise train station. A sweet smell of sugar caresses the nostrils of the visitor who will witness, amazed, the creation of colorful lollipops. Nicolas Viollet, from Tours and the son of a fairground worker in his thirties, curls his mustache every time he has to talk about his passion: confectionery. At 16, the age when many teenagers dream of buying a scooter, Nicolas chose a calisson machine! In 2021, in Amboise, he created the Confectionery Conservatory, a unique place that is both a manufacturing center and a museum. While the sugar rises in temperature, he explains the profession, the astonishing machines that surround it dating from the end of the 19th century. Then, the golden, burning syrup is poured onto the table and takes shape to become a paste that Nicolas will stir, still by hand, to incorporate air and make a roll.

In no time at all, the first lollipops are wrapped around their stick. Calissons, nougats, berlingots and caramels are also produced on site. For Christmas in the Land of Castles, Nicolas created calisson pyramids, sugar cane suspensions, lollipops and candy balls forming an exceptional and unexpected decor in the kitchens of the Château de Chenonceau. ou +32

Albert Lugassy